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‘Making a Real Difference’ for Independent Advisors, Clients for 30 Years

| September 18, 2018

Cutter and Company, a Registered Broker-dealer and Investment Advisor, celebrates 30 years helping independent financial advisors establish and operate their own independent wealth management businesses this year. The firm was founded in October 1988 by CEO Deborah Castiglioni and President William Meyer, who share a deeply held belief that financial advisors who are free from the red tape, overbearing restrictions and income limitations of corporate employers and wirehouses, can serve their financial clients with greater results for all concerned.

Cutter & Company, with headquarters located in Ballwin, Missouri, supports approximately 50 independent financial advisor practices. The firm strengthens independent practices by providing complete back office support, access to multiple custodians, a myriad of financial products to choose from, and making sure all compliance responsibilities are met – while giving them the freedom to develop their own preferred business model.

The company also helps small and medium size businesses set up and manage group health insurance, qualified retirement plans and executive benefits. In addition, Cutter & Company helps individuals and families reach their financial goals – building wealth, paying for college, enjoying retirement and leaving something to the next generation.

“It’s been a privilege to serve our advisors and their clients over these 30 years. We are focused on making a real difference in people’s lives. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about,” Meyer said.

The Freedom of True Independence

The firm has evolved and grown as changes occurred within the financial services industry over three decades, beginning at a time when most representatives offered products on a commission-basis to a time when fee-based advisory practices are more prominent. In addition, Cutter & Company weathered the serious market downturns of the “Tech Bubble” in 2001 and “The Great Recession” in 2008-‘09 without any lay-offs, a unique testament to the firm’s philosophy and approach.

“Our industry is constantly evolving. So we must provide exceptional service to our independent advisors and help them in any way we can,” Castiglioni said. “That includes moving into holistic planning for clients.”

Cutter & Company also has an extraordinarily clean record when it comes to regulatory compliance. The firm has been able to run a successful, compliant business in one of the most highly regulated industries.

Foundation for the Future

Cutter & Company is putting a succession plan in place for both the broker-dealer side of the business as well as the RIA practice to ensure the firm continues in the same direction the founders put in place 30 years ago. The firm operates without any debt and is well positioned to navigate future turbulent moves in financial markets. At all times, the focus is on honesty and integrity.

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