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The Best Time to Make a Good Decision? Right Now.

The Best Time to Make a Good Decision? Right Now.

| June 19, 2020

A recent poll indicated just 22% believe the leaders in their organization have a clear direction for their organization. You may be surprised to learn this Gallup Poll was conducted before the COVID-19 outbreak or George Floyd’s tragic death and turbulent aftermath. When it comes to uncertainty, it certainly will always be a factor.

During these times of economic and social disruption, financial advisers who had been thinking about setting up their own independent practice may be tempted to wait for calm to return. And even when things do settle down, advisors might come up with other reasons to stay right where they are. Candidly, if one is looking to avoid making a decision, they can find an imagined valid reason regardless of the market environment. But ‘right now’, despite all the moving parts in the world, is the right time to make a good decision that will benefit all concerned.

What Independence Can Do for Financial Advisors and Their Clients

Cutter and Company, a Registered Broker-dealer and Investment Advisor, has been helping financial advisors establish and operate their own independent wealth management businesses for more than three decades. The company has helped many advisors into the world of independence, even during previous periods of economic uncertainty. Cutter & Company navigated serious market downturns of the “Tech Bubble” in 2001 and “The Great Recession” in 2008-2009 without any layoffs, a testament to the firm’s foundation and approach.

The guiding philosophy at Cutter & Company is to make a real difference; help independent advisors run their businesses by putting customers first. CEO Deborah Castiglioni and President William Meyer, who founded the firm in 1988 and remain very active in its operations, share a deeply held belief that financial advisors who are free from the red tape, overbearing restrictions and income limitations of corporate employers and wirehouses, can serve their financial clients with greater results for all concerned.

The firm strengthens independent practices by providing complete back office support, access to multiple custodians, a myriad of financial products, and ensuring all compliance responsibilities are met - while giving them the freedom to develop their own preferred business model. 

Make a Real Difference

Since the industry is constantly evolving, Cutter & Company strives to deliver exceptional service to independent advisors and help them in any way possible. The firm has an extraordinarily clean regulatory compliance record, another testament to its guiding principles for succeeding in an extremely regulated industry.

The firm operates without any debt and is well positioned to navigate future turbulent moves in financial markets. At all times, the focus is on honesty and integrity. Financial advisors who have a similar mindset are invited to reach out to Debbie or Bill for a personal conversation.