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| July 19, 2016

This blog usually focuses on the pros and cons of operating as a financial advisor in the independent contractor channel. This model, we feel, provides more freedom, better quality of life, more flexibility in working with clients, and ultimately a better financial benefit for the financial advisor.

However in light of the tragedy that took place in Nice, France, as their people celebrated Bastille Day, their independence day, we are reminded that not everyone shares the idealism of being “free”.

The community of Nice lost more than 80 innocent people at the hands of an evil terrorist. The action of even one person reminds us that there are still plenty of people around us who are unwilling to allow for anything short of acceptance of their beliefs.

On July 4th we celebrated Independence Day in the US. On June 23rd the UK rendered an unprecedented, historic vote to take back their independence and leave the European Union.

It is unknown what the future impact will be to either the UK or the EU based on their decision to exit the European Union, just as it was unknown how the freedom won in the United States would play out for our country 240 years ago.

Let us remember those who gave their lives fighting for the freedoms we enjoy today. It is my hope that we can stand together, people of all nations, to fight against those who will do whatever is within their means to try to take those freedoms away. Terrorist fanatics who despise human rights will never defeat freedom and democracy.