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Veteran Financial Advisors Join Cutter & Company

| August 27, 2018

Beck and Gehrs Establish Greenbridge Wealth Advisors as Independent Practice

Veteran financial advisors Joseph Beck and Nick Gehrs, managing members of Greenbridge Wealth Advisors, LLC, have joined Cutter & Company. With client assets in excess of $200 million, Beck and Gehrs each have 30 years of experience helping clients with their investments and future plans for retirement.  They were previously affiliated with Hilliard, Lyons based in Kentucky and St. Louis based AG Edwards prior to that.

Cutter & Company, with headquarters located in Ballwin, Missouri, supports independent financial advisor practices by providing complete back office support, access to multiple custodians, a myriad of financial products, and compliance support while giving them the freedom to develop their own preferred business model.

“In our previous arrangement, we worked for the firm. Now we are truly independent and can grow the business on our own terms. We look forward to the assistance Cutter & Company can offer to help us get there, as we take care of our current clients and seek to add even more,” Gehrs said.

“We have had a remarkably smooth transition of our business to Cutter & Company. We had more than 1,000 client accounts to handle in the process, but Cutter & Company really provided all the help we could have imagined facilitating it with great ease,” said Beck said.

Mr. Beck can be reached at JBECK@GREENBRIDGEWA.COM. Contact Mr. Gehrs by email at NGEHRS@GREENBRIDGEWA.COM

Financial advisors interested in establishing their own independent businesses are invited to reach out to Cutter & Company Founders Debbie Castiglioni or Bill Meyer at 1-800-536-8770 for a personal conversation or visit the firm’s website