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Welcome to the Cutter & Company financial advisor blog!

| November 05, 2015

Over the coming months we will be sharing our thoughts, information and resources about the opportunities that exist in an independent financial services practice.

Our firm was founded over a quarter century ago, built from day one with experienced, independent financial advisors.  In sharing our knowledge and experience, we will attempt to take the mystery out of “what it takes to be independent” for other financial advisors considering this option.

Two significant benefits of being an independent financial advisor are freedom and flexibility-allowing you to act in your client’s best interests.  Rather than be tied to the corporate mandates and quotas that employees of a corporation are so often required to do, you choose the products and services that are right for your client.  In the process, our independent financial advisors are building their own business with the ability to harvest the rewards of their efforts.

We know advisors who are contemplating a move to independence have a lot of questions but may not know where to look for answers. This blog will attempt to fill that gap with information that can help financial advisors discern whether setting up their own business is best for them. Frankly, it’s not for everyone.  But many have said they wish they had made the move sooner.

Some of the first topics we plan to cover include:

  • Independent Financial Advisors: Where Opportunity and Experience Meet
  • The Pathway to Success is Paved with a Solid Plan
  • Tangible Value for Your Hard Work
  • Why There Are Big Opportunities Working with Small Firms
  • Will My Clients Move with Me?
  • Independence: An Investment in Yourself and Your Clients

Most importantly, we want financial advisors curious about what it would be like to set up their own business to reach out. We offer straight talk, sound advice, and the voice of experience. Cutter & Company is dedicated to making sure our independent financial advisors succeed at every level. We hope you check back frequently for updates. Or better yet, give us a call directly at 1-800-536-8770!