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Cutter & Company: The Key to Success for Independent Financial Advisors

Are you an experienced financial advisor who is ready to launch your own business?

Are you already independent but need better support? Cutter & Company is ready to help you succeed.

With Cutter & Company, you will be independent but not on your own.

We offer higher payouts than most big firms – with all their advantages and none of their hassles.

Our time-tested model for independent financial advisors means big advantages for you and your clients.

Interested? Call 636-537-8770 to speak with President Bill Meyer or CEO Debbie Castiglioni today.

Higher Payouts

Because our Financial Advisors are independent, we can provide higher payouts than many other firms.

Our payout schedule may seem simple - because it is. You get the percentage payout we promise on every dollar you earn– no matter the product or service. There are no monthly hurdles until you achieve these levels.

Independent But Not on Your Own

Cutter & Company offers a system to enhance your capabilities, not stand in your way. With Cutter & Company, you spend your time serving your clients, while we handle the compliance, keeping up with any new regulatory issues, and back office work.

You are free to sell investments you believe are most appropriate for your clients. Period. We never pressure or influence you to sell certain investments, nor do we create our own products or require you to meet sales quotas. We believe we all succeed when we all operate in the client’s best interest.

No Surprises: The Freedom to Grow Your Business Your Way

Cutter & Company is completely transparent with our Financial Advisors. Your compensation, expenses, compliance protection, products and services are always what we say they will be, now and in the future. We deliver what we promise.

When you join Cutter & Company, you have virtually unlimited freedom and opportunity to build your business as you see fit. We value and respect your insights for serving the clientele you’ve cultivated.

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