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Payout Schedule and Fees

Our payout schedule may seem simple, and it is.

You get the percentage payout we promise on every dollar you earn– no matter what the product or service is. There are no monthly hurdles until you achieve these levels.

Certain products have ticket charges that are deducted from your gross compensation prior to calculating your payout. This is not how you will find most firms calculate your payout – the majority of them will compute the payout percentage on your gross commission – and THEN take out your ticket charges.

All Products
$75,000 – $100,00075%
$100,001 – $150,00080%
$150,001 – $500,00085%
$500,001 – $750,00087%
$750,001 - $1,000,00088%
$1,000,001 and over90%

Following is an example of why our payout formula is essentially a “payout enhancement” over most other firms:

Payout:85%Ticket Charge:$20
Net:$850Net before Payout:$980
Ticket Charge:$20Payout:85%
Commission to FA:$830Commission to FA:$833

This may seem like a small discrepancy, until you take into account how many times this calculation might happen in a month. The small differences in how we calculate your payout can add up to real dollars if you are generating a significant number of transactions each month.

Financial Advisor Transaction Fees

Stock Trades
$15 per trade0 – 299 trades per month
$12.50 per trade300 – 499 trades per month
$10 per trade500+ trades per month

OptionsMutual Funds
$10 per trade plus $0.75 per contract$15 – Buy / $10 – Sell
Bonds$1.75 – Systematic buy/sell
$30$.50 – Exchanges
UIT’s and CD’s


Fee-Based Wrap Programs 

18 – 20 bps, declining to 7.5 to 2 bps, depending on the account size and program being used. Add approximately 50 bps if you wish to use an institutional manager (if applicable). These fees include the trading costs, performance reporting, fee deduction and management services, if applicable

Other Independent Contractor Expenses

Errors & Omissions

$275 / month
Direct Business (if applicable)

Registration Fees

Typically approximately $50 – $75 per state. This expense is passed on exactly as charged by each state.

CRD Continuing Education

Actual fee charged by FINRA or CE provider

Computer System

  • $150 per month Smartstation Access (without Envision®)
  • $180 per month Smartstation with Envision®
  • $500 per month Smartstation Access (without Envision® with real time quotes)
  • $530 per month Smartstation with Envision and real time quotes.

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