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Your Business, Your Way

Cutter & Company was built to be a truly independent business, free of the ties, conflicts and quotas that come with being affiliated with some larger corporations or wirehouses. We want our Financial Advisors to enjoy that same freedom.

When you join Cutter & Company, you have virtually unlimited freedom and opportunity to build your business as you see fit. We value and respect your insights for serving the clientele you’ve cultivated.

We strive to enhance your capabilities, not stand in your way. With Cutter & Company, you spend your time serving your clients, while we handle the details like compliance, keeping up with any new regulatory issues and other operational and administrative support.

More Support, Fewer Restrictions

Cutter & Company makes it a point to understand your business model and support it. We applaud our Financial Advisors who deliver their own unique brand of services to their clients. We support your business administratively, and work with you to ensure that your ideas and services comply with industry regulations.

You are free to sell investments you believe are most appropriate for your clients. Period. We never pressure or influence you to sell certain investments. To us, success means operating in your client’s best interest.

Fee-Based, Commissions or Hourly – Your Choice

You are free to choose how your clients pay for your services. You may operate as a fee-based advisor, charge commissions on transactions, or a combination of both. Hourly fees and annual retainers are also an option. You may prefer to manage client assets yourself or many of our Financial Advisors outsource the management to one or more of the professional institutional money managers that we have relationships with.  Regardless of how you choose to work with clients, we will provide the expertise, technology and administrative resources to help your business model to succeed.

Higher Payouts

Because our Financial Advisors are independent, we can provide a higher payout schedule than many other firms. Once your payout has been determined, it is the same regardless of the products you sell. We don’t reduce your pay just because you choose to give a discount to your clients. Nor do we require you to meet “minimum monthly hurdles” before you achieve the payout we agree to.  

Limitations on Clients due to Account Size

Our financial advisors can work directly with their clients, regardless of the size of the account. (Some of our fee-based programs do have required account minimums.)  There is no mandate to centralize these clients by forcing them to call an impersonal 800 number call center. All clients – no matter what size – and all production – no matter the type or amount – count toward your production for payout purposes.

No Surprises

Cutter & Company is completely transparent with our Financial Advisors. Your compensation, expenses, compliance protection, products and services are always what we say they will be, now and in the future. We deliver what we promise.

For more information about our firm and the services we offer, send us a quick email or call the office. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.   |  1-800-536-8770