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Experienced Financial Advisor Chooses Cutter & Company in Launching Her Own Independent Firm

| August 12, 2019

Laura Silverberg’s River Cities Financial, LLC Sees ‘Positive, Long-term Impact for Clients and My Business’

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St. Louis, MO – August 12, 2019 – River Cities Financial, LLC is an independent firm launched in 2019 by Laura Silverberg, one of the thousands of experienced financial advisors who decided to establish their own independent business after years working with large firms in the ever-changing financial services industry. Silverberg’s firm announced it has joined forces with Cutter & Company to provide essential services and support for the new company and its customers.

Cutter & Company, with headquarters located in Ballwin, Missouri, supports independent financial advisor practices by providing complete back office support, access to multiple custodians, a myriad of financial products, and compliance support while giving them the freedom to develop their own preferred business model. 

“I simply no longer believe that bigger is better in my industry. By having my own independent entity, I can focus all my efforts on what is in the best interest of my clients; as I have always strived to do,” Silverberg said. “Cutter and Company will provide necessary regulatory oversight, compliance requirements assistance, clerical support, investor resources, research and a vast array of investment options for our clients.”

Silverberg joined Cutter & Company as an Investment Advisor Representative in July 2019.  Prior to that, she served as a financial advisor with a single company that experienced multiple mergers, buyouts, name changes and restructurings (included among the changes are Smith Barney, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley). Additionally, Silverberg noted extensive change in the financial services industry as an additional reason she chose to establish an independent practice.

“I strongly believe this will have a positive, long-term impact on both my clients and my business,” Silverberg said. 

Ms. Silverberg can be reached at or by phone at (563) 445-2385.

Financial advisors interested in establishing their own independent businesses are invited to reach out to Cutter & Company Founders Debbie Castiglioni or Bill Meyer at 1-800-536-8770 for a personal, confidential conversation or visit the firm’s website

About Cutter & Company

Serving independent financial advisors since 1988, Cutter & Company provides a family-like culture and flexibility to provide clients with the products and services most appropriate for them.  We operate back office and compliance divisions that help grow and protect our independent advisor’s businesses. With our premier partnerships, we offer access to the same products and services as full-service retail firms, and financial stability that will give your clients confidence. To learn more call 636-537-8770.